I offer a selection of well-written sex stories based on personal

experience which will excite and arouse you. 


 Instead  of this site, I am now posting stories under the name Erotic Jill.

 Get me at - url - Erotic-Jill/e/B014MQ36RG

My name is Jill and I recently retired from modeling for the adult/porn market.  From my early teens I have had a very high sex drive and I enjoy an extensive and exciting sex life.

  I have now decided to offer for sale very erotic stories based on my wide-ranging sexual experiences. They can be found in the Shop pages.

  Examples are given on the Story Snippets or Free Story Pages when available.

  .  Purchasers have the full security and privacy of Paypal.

 If a story is paid for through the shop by card or Paypal, it is immediately sent by Paypal by email with a Word.doc attachment.


Any purchase you make will show on your Paypal account as being from  JCOMMERCE.COM  - not Jillbaby. 

 For other ways to pay please contact me at jillbabyluv@yahoo.co.uk

   For a small fee I will write a story of around 8,000 words to your own favorite fantasy.

We all have favourite themes and dislikes. Sometimes it is difficult to find a story that closely matches what we particularly enjoy.

You choose the theme and characters and I make sure that I know what you want before I start. I do take a lot of pride in my work and I'm keen to please, so I always ask questions to be clear what the reader enjoys. It can be fun discussing tastes in fantasies and there's no need for anyone to be shy. I have a wide sexual experience, so I know what I'm writing about.

You don't pay until the story is ready.

   If you are interested please contact me at jillbabyluv@yahoo.co.uk